Automated Remediation

SaaS security- Automated security workflows
As SaaS application adoption continues to rise, organizations have struggled to enforce granular security controls and policies, across the disparate applications that drive their business forward.

Each individual SaaS application provides native, built-in security functionalities, however they all differ and lack the granularity required to establish a strong security posture. The process for remediating data access that exists outside of each policy has been a manual, labor-intensive effort, and is typically performed on a one-off basis.

As the business grows and scales, Security / IT teams require automated security controls to mitigate the risk of SaaS adoption and utilization.

Workflow Automation through No-Code Conditional Logic

Through intuitive, no-code conditional logic workflows, the DoControl Platform enables consistent enforcement and risk remediation across all SaaS applications, many of which cannot be achieved natively within each individual application.

SaaS workflow automation is customizable to specific applications or use case through a catalogue of playbooks (pre-established templates) to meet organizational security program requirements.

Self-Service Remediation

DoControl’s Slack / Teams Bot proactively engages with end-users on behalf of Security / IT teams to identify and mitigate outdated or irrelevant sharing activities in order to mitigate risk of a data breach.

The Platform allows for streamlined sharing approvals through an intuitive conversational UI, inherently improving the "security-mindedness" of business users.

Automation Workflows with 1- Click Quick Action

DoControl provides several single-click quick action workflows that simplify common use cases that otherwise require a significant amount of manual labor to initiate.

Removing all permissions to specific external collaborators, changing data ownership, and turning certain data points into private, all can be  performed in a single click.

Incident Response

DoControl’s continuous monitoring and SaaS workflow automation are converged into simple incident response playbooks that reduce the Mean Time to Respond (MTTR).
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