Automated Security Workflows

As enterprises have shifted towards having more data in SaaS applications, they have struggled to enforce data access policies meant to reduce the risk of data breaches.

Each individual SaaS application has its own security policies around access to data which are all different, making it difficult to standardize data access policies across all the applications being utilized.

The process for remediating data access that was outside each policy has been a manual, labor-intensive effort by Security / IT teams done on a one-off basis.

No-Code Workflows

Through intuitive, no-code workflows the DoControl platform allows for consistent enforcement across all SaaS applications, some of which cannot be done natively in each application.

Dozens of workflow templates are provided out of the box which allow for easy deployment, and are highly granular to solve multiple business use cases.

Self-Service Remediation

DoControl’s Slack/Teams Bot proactively engages with end-users on behalf of Security / IT teams to identify and mitigate outdated or irrelevant sharing teams in order to mitigate risk of data breaches.

The platform allows for streamlined sharing approvals through intuitive conversational UI, involving end-users in the process of mitigating the risks from data access and sharing.

1-click workflows

DoControl provides several 1-Click workflows that simplify very common daily use cases that otherwise take a ton of manual labor.

Removing all permissions to certain external collaborators, changing data ownership, and turning certain data points into private, all can be done within a click.

Incident Response

DoControl’s continuous monitoring and automated workflows are combined into simple incident response playbooks that reduce the time taken to be aware of a business risk and take action upon it.

Security workflows solved for SaaS Security.

See the DoControl platform for yourself!

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