Why I decided to join DoControl as VP of Marketing

Why I decided to join DoControl as VP of Marketing

DoControl’s story is more than good - it’s filling a critical gap and has true urgency! Any company collaborating via SaaS applications falls into this story. And our cause? It’s validated by our customers every day. That’s why I decided to join DoControl as the VP of Marketing. 

I’ve been in high-tech marketing since 1999, and I’ve led marketing initiatives at several incredible companies across the globe. Game-changing technology inspires and drives me, and I am thrilled to be a part of DoControl’s mission to help modern organizations control their unmanaged SaaS data access. 

Having been in tech for decades, I remember what it was like to work without a cloud-based productivity platform and to communicate with colleagues sans that “knock-brush” Slack sound. I’ve appended strings of initials on filenames and struggled without broad access to easily restored version histories. These days, though, I get to enjoy all that SaaS applications bring to the workplace - and they bring a lot. 

Unfortunately, while SaaS apps provide great benefits like efficiencies, access, automation, collaboration and so much more, they also introduce magnificent risk. 

Why I joined DoControl

Did you know that the average number of assets the typical company stores in SaaS apps is between 500K and 10M? (This is based on the companies DoControl has analyzed.) Now, did you also know that between 1 and 15K external collaborators have access to your company data in SaaS apps? Final “did you know:” Nearly half of all data breaches that occurred in 2020 can be traced back to SaaS applications. 

Of course, you know this if you’ve read DoControl’s data report, Quantifying the Immense Risk of Unmanaged SaaS Data Access (if you haven’t, check it out; if it shocks you, let us know!). It’s frankly alarming how unmanageable and widespread SaaS data access can get. Equally important is how easily unchecked it is to begin with. 

Consider these scenarios:

  • At some point, we’ve all set a Google Doc’s access settings to “Anyone with this link can edit” for convenience.  
  • At some point, we’ve all grabbed SharePoint links to share with external parties without ensuring that expiration dates were set. 
  • At some point, we’ve all copied our personal accounts on an important email because, well, it was important. 
  • At some point, we’ve all sent sensitive internal collateral to a Slack channel that the whole company could access. 

To the average end user, these actions seem harmless. After all, they’re all made in the pursuit of productivity! But, at some point, each of these actions can be deeply consequential. 

While ideally, every employee would be cybersecurity minded, in reality, most folks are just trying to get their work done as efficiently and conveniently as they can. If their own security teams don’t configure the organization’s SaaS apps to prohibit flagrant sharing, can we blame the average end user for being ignorant of the consequences of unfettered SaaS data access? 

Why organizations need DoControl’s SaaS data access controls

It is fact that:

All of these tricky business truths are why I’m excited to join the DoControl team. Helping other professionals keep their companies’ SaaS data under control and in only the right hands is a virtuous mission that I want to be a part of. 

We enable organizations to gain comprehensive visibility into all apps, assets, users, and external collaborators, and to continuously monitor data access and automate granular security policies across SaaS apps - all with no-code workflows on a self-service platform.

But my favorite part is that we empower organizations to reel in, take control of, keep an eye on, and automate data access controls - without blocking business productivity. And I know from being in the industry - this is HARD to do!  And we can neither forgive past configuration mistakes nor relieve you of any regrets, but our platform does allow you to reconcile haphazard SaaS data access policies (or lack thereof) made in the past. As in, you can retroactively revoke access to assets that need to be secured. 

As my new CEO likes to say, “No agents, no help desk tickets, no drama.” DoControl is truly defining SaaS security

And of course, I joined because it’s a rock start team.  Amazing talent and energy. A-players, ready to push the boundaries of ‘what’s expected’ and push us to greatness.

When I was interviewing for the role here, Adam told me a few stories about recent customers who completed our short Proof of Value process (completed in a matter of days), and were stunned at the sheer volume of access lapses in their organization.  And the customer feedback has been super positive.  The light bulb moment arrived, and I was sold.

As more companies experience their light bulb moments, DoControl’s customer base grows. Helping organizations secure and protect their assets across their dozens of SaaS applications is why Adam Gavish, our CEO and co-founder, created DoControl. 

If, like me, you’re stunned by the magnitude of unmanaged SaaS data access, set up a demo and get a POV to see if you need DoControl.  If you want to talk about DoControl’s data report, drop me a line.

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