DoControl is on a mission to help enterprises find the right balance between security and business enablement.

In 2019, Adam was a product manager at Google Cloud Security & Privacy team in charge of regulated customers (FedRAMP, CJIS) user experience. By talking with customers, he realized that in order for them to onboard to Google Cloud, they needed to learn, set up, and maintain dozens of different security controls and policies to keep data access secure, remain compliant, and prevent admin misconfigurations. 

Therefore, Google Cloud launched a user experience that helped regulated customers deploy their cloud environments with all the relevant security controls automatically set up as a best practice, with minimal friction involved and preventing human errors. It was called Assured Workloads and it was a success.

Inspired by this success and based on 15 years of experience with building and maintaining security controls of Network Security, Cloud Infrastructure, and SaaS environments, we realized there is an opportunity to help enterprises protect a huge amount of data access on other platforms serving the entire organization - SaaS applications. 

This is why we started DoControl.


Adam Gavish

Co-Founder and CEO

Omri Weinberg

Co-Founder and CRO

Liel Ran

Co-Founder and CTO

Rick Graham

VP Marketing

Ed Rodriguez

Vice President of Sales

Advisory board members

Andy Brown

Board of Directors at Zscaler

Shawn Henry

President of CrowdStrike Services and Chief Security Officer at CrowdStrike

Justin Somaini

CSO at Unity
Former CSO at SAP

Nadir Izrael

Co-Founder & CTO at Armis


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Automated data access controls to improve security and operational efficiency with ease of use

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