Do you access and/or store raw data?


What are the top use cases?

Please read our Use Cases Whitepaper to learn more.

How do I connect SaaS apps?

Through an OAuth 2.0 flow with a few clicks.

Do I need to install any agents?

No, DoControl is 100% agentless.

Are there any changes to the end-user experience?

No, users keep going as usual.

Are there any performance issues?

No, DoControl gets all user activity events directly from the SaaS apps themselves.

How do you secure customers' data?

Please visit our Security & compliance page for more information about our compliance certifications, security whitepaper, and more.

Do policies work the same for supported apps?


SaaS security- Automated security workflows- No code security workflows

Automated data access controls to improve security and operational efficiency with ease of use

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