Insider Risk Management Assessment

Data doesn't lose data. People do.
DoControl Zero Trust Data Access Risk Assessment

An Insider Risk Management Assessment Will Scan Your SaaS Application Estate to:

  • Assess and quantify SaaS application risk
  • Uncover regulatory compliance gaps
  • Enable manual and automated risk remediation
  • Build a business case for a SaaS Data Access Security program

After the scan, a DoControl expert will provide remediation strategies that deliver immediate impact and offer workflows to keep your cybersecurity hygiene future proof. Get your free Risk Assessment today.

In order to receive a free risk assessment, the DoControl team will perform a discovery call, solution demonstration, and a qualification process before moving forward.

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With DoControl I could implement standardized security policies across all my SaaS applications. One of the most important things I needed was to know what employees are doing with the data, and DoControl gave me a way to create reports that I could share with the managers of the higher risk users in order to educate them and reduce the risk of a data breach.”

Raz Singolda, IT Manager, Intango

DoControl Zero Trust Data Access Risk Assessment