Protect Against SaaS Data Loss with DoControl's NLP-Driven DLP

Detect and remediate sensitive data, such as PII, PCI, PHI, secrets, and credentials, shared across business-critical SaaS applications.

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Key Benefits:

Context-Based SaaS Data Security:

Unlike traditional DLPs, DoControl minimizes false positives by collecting business and security context for each end-user, providing insight into what actually poses a risk as opposed to standard business practices.

NLP-Driven Data Loss Prevention

DoControl utilizes natural-language processing (NLP) to scan files stored in SaaS applications, analyzing the text to extract key phrases, entities, and sentiment for classification. With custom keywords, a RegEx library, and business and security context, only relevant alerts are triggered, ensuring a true risk-based approach.

Automated Security Workflows and User Empowerment

Once sensitive data shared over SaaS applications is identified and classified, DoControl’s automated security workflows promptly alert and remediate any exposure, enforcing security policies. Employees are involved in the remediation process when appropriate, fostering a security mindset in collaboration over SaaS applications.

Docontrol has been a complete change in our approach to handling all types of data security around our Google Workspace, Dropbox, a lot of the cloud service providers.

Mark Jaques, Director of Information Security

How We Protect Your Data

DoControl helps expose your SaaS application and data risk, remediate it quickly, and automatically remediate over time through granular, no-code workflows.

Enforce granular data access control policies
Cloud-Native DLP
Next-generation data loss prevention for SaaS
3rd party OAuth application governance
Streamline admin audit logs to detect and respond to configuration drifts
Streamline events, alerts, and business context to automate policies
Insider Risk Management
Foundational controls to prevent insider threats