Data Privacy Day 2022: Views and Tips from Top Industry Experts

Tips from Industry Experts

Our Director of Product Marketing, Corey O'Connor, talked with about how Data privacy has been top of mind for both individuals and organizations alike.

There are now global, national and local regulations that require companies of all sizes and types to have the appropriate cyber security measures in place to prevent PII from making its way into the public domain. From a business' perspective, the negative implications for non-compliance with some of these regulations such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) are significant.  At the individual or consumer level, people are more frustrated than ever with losing control over how their own PII is handled, manipulated and processed by businesses.

Software as a service (SaaS) applications are a critical data source for business today. These productivity and collaboration tools are what drives the business forward. PII files and data are enveloped into many of the SaaS applications being utilized by the business. Whether its data within SFDC, or files exchanged over Slack many of the tools and technologies being leveraged by organizations today are not granular enough to prevent data leakage or data exfiltration. There's a need to go deeper down the stack and introduce granular data access controls across the SaaS application data layer.

Industry regulations evolve. Cyber attackers' techniques improve and evolve as well. Organizations need to have the right people, process and technology in place to stay one step ahead and establish a strong data privacy program that effectively mitigates the risk of non-compliance, as well as a data breach.

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