These 10 Startups Are The Next Big Thing in SaaS


Startups have the upper hand in continuously disrupting and revolutionizing multiple sectors and industries. As the need for cloud-native solutions rapidly accelerates and obsolete business models decline, up-and-coming companies are in the loop for the latest, more advanced, and more cost-effective SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions.

From relentless creativity to robust innovation, startups embody the future of web-based businesses. Below is a list of 10 startups that are the next big thing in SaaS:


  • Founders: Ori Manor Zuckerman, Baruchi Har-Lev, Eran Yessodi
  • Equity Raised: $3.2 Million
  • Lead Investors: Raptor Group, Verissimo Ventures, Ophir Capital Group, Tiferes Ventures, David Kaufman, Lair East, Park Avenue Capital, Singularity Capital, Ron Gross, Ori Manor Zuckerman

SubStrata is the first and only company that develops Social Signal Processing Technology to analyze non-verbal nuances and dynamics in negotiations, sales, and deal-making. It's specifically designed to perform an in-depth analysis of paralanguage data often displayed in social cues, body language, and voice. This data-driven, AI-powered tool informs dealmakers of the next best step in real time, allowing them to gear up for their next move to close a deal.

The company's one-of-a-kind business solution covers deep learning, natural language processing, linguistics, social science, cognitive science, and psychology. This tool revolutionizes transcript-dependent conversation intelligence with a much more layered, socially aware technology.

  • Founders: Yoav Vilner, Danni Friedland
  • Equity raised: $56M
  • Lead investors: Felicis, NFX, Eight Roads, SV Angel, Liquid2

Founded in 2020 by Yoav Vilner and Danni Friedland, is the world's first interactive demo software that streamlines the SaaS buying process. Its cutting-edge technology and design were created so sales reps do not need to rely on any other parties. This state-of-the-art product also allows GTM teams to analyze and gather data on the demo process, plug the process into their CRMs (e.g. SalesForce, HubSpot), and scale the demo operation within the organization. This became one of the most successful tech tools in B2B and SaaS.

With continuous growth and hundreds of happy clients from Fortune 500 companies, proves to be a force that's on its way to accelerating in the SaaS industry.

Founders: Eran Friendinger, Ido Wiesenberg

Equity raised: $19M

Lead investors: Schusterman Foundation, Target Global, Kaedan Capital, Jibe Ventures, Square Peg Capital, Stormbreaker Ventures, Two Lanterns Venture Partner

Founders Eran Friendinger and Ido Wisenberg noticed that marketing and growth teams struggle with growth and opportunities due to the lack of R&D, making it difficult to analyze and utilize company-owned data to make time-sensitive decisions and activate growth.

They founded Voyantis in 2020 to transform the way online businesses acquire and retain customers of the highest value by shifting to LTV-based growth. This tool uses superior predictive AI solutions and insights from thousands of data points to efficiently achieve exponential profitability.


Founders: Abeed Mohamed, Gwen Le Calvez, Max Parmentier, Rajiv Tanna

Equity raised: $52.6M

Lead Investors: Index Ventures, Sofina, Kamet, Public, AXA Group

Birdie is a UK-based care tech SaaS maker that has revolutionized the elderly care industry with its cutting-edge technology. This platform provides care workers with digital tools that allow them to streamline admin and patient management, as well as enable real-time visibility to care duties. The company is committed to providing innovative solutions and tools to deliver high-quality, person-centered care.

Between 2020 and 2021, Birdie has resolved 81% of client concerns in under 72 hours; 16 million visits to their platform were seen in 2021, and 34% of agencies see a faster response to medication alerts after just 6 months. This startup's modern, platform-approach makes it stand out as one to look out for.


Founders: Gintautas Miliauskas, Shahan Lilja

Equity raised: $39.9M

Lead investors: ABB Technology Ventures, Creandrum, Mosaic Ventures, NordicNinja VC, Silicon Valley Bank UK, Smedvig Capital, Point Nine

Mavenoid is a Sweden-based company that combines self-service and live support, both human and AI-enabled, for hardware companies. From setup, daily use, to troubleshooting, their seamless diagnosis engine gets work done in days - from printers, ovens, electric scooters, to industrial equipment.

Their unique problem-solving solution is designed just like how the human brain works. Currently, they are partnered with hardware and consumer electronics companies including HP, Husqvarna, and Jabra, providing automated technical support and onboarding for customers.


Founders: Dan Wendlandt, Thomas Graf

Equity raised: $69M

Lead investors: Thomvest Ventures, Google, Andreessen Horowitz

Founded in 2017, Isovalent offers top-notch, cloud-native technology solutions focusing on networking, security, and connectivity. From unified workload, connectivity security, eBPF-based networking, load balancing, to application visibility, the company provides open source software and enterprise-ready Cilium.

Isovalent is the golden standard for secure and transparent cloud-native connectivity and has been the default in major public cloud providers like Google Kubernetes Engine, Google Anthos, and Amazon EKS Anywhere.


Founders: Kurt Ruppel, Kyle Mack

Equity raised: $77M

Lead investors: Canapi Ventures, Insight Partners, Sequoia Capital, Accel

Middesk provides deep contextual information on any business, helping them onboard faster and significantly reduce risks. They offer automated business verification solutions and underwriting, tax registration embedding, and business registration, catering specifically to B2B companies.

Their solutions also simplify and accelerate the process of commercial banking and payroll. Their one-click support allows customers to set up payroll tax accounts, register with the Secretary of State, and manage government communications in no time.


Founders: Andrej Safundzic, Leo Mehr, Alan Flores-Lopez

Equity raised: $30M

Lead investors: Andreesen Horowitz (a16z), Google Cloud CISO Phil Venables, OpenAI CTO Greg Brockman, Neo and Lachy Groom

Lumos is a San Francisco-based startup that offers the first internal AppStore for organizations that replace IT tickets with a self-service portal and baked-in security for admins. It is designed for employees to select the apps and permissions they require, cutting down the time for access requests and reducing help desk tickets. Users can discover, request, and get access in minutes.

Founders Andrej Safundzic, Leo Mehr, and Alan Flores-Lopez envisioned this product as a tool to deliver a consumer-grade experience to employees while maintaining maximal integrity to top management.


Founders: Adam Gavish, Liel Ran, Omri Weinberg

Equity raised: $43.4M

Lead investors: Insight Partners, RTP Global

DoControl is a SaaS security company that provides organizations with automated self-service tools for SaaS application data access monitoring, orchestration, and remediation. The company focuses on customer-focused solutions to achieve labor-intensive security risk management and data loss prevention (DLP). This solution can identify, detect and block sensitive data from leaving your organization's cloud through preventative measures and detective mechanisms.

This is an event-driven platform, which means there are no agents or redirections, which are common problems in Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solutions.


Founders: Kapil Kalra, Kumar Erramilli, Parth Khanna, Sameer Jiwani

Equity raised: $32.1M

Lead investors: Questa Capital Management, Resolve Growth Partners

Inspired by the phrase "Act Today," ACTO started as an agnostic training mobile app. They offer proven learning pedagogies of micro-learning and action-based learning to improve behavior and drive better employee engagement.

The company shifted its focus to the life-sciences industry where they currently provide a cross-platform app for field teams, a command center for educational content lifecycle management, and LAICA - the industry's first conversational AI assistant. ACTO is currently revolutionizing the education software landscape with its chart-topping growth, significant traction, and next-generation learning technology.

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