SaaS Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Remediation Guide

Data loss prevention (DLP) tools and processes aim to prevent sensitive data from becoming lost, misused, or accessed by unauthorized users. Traditional DLP programs are struggling to achieve desired outcomes due to the natural evolution of how sensitive data and files are accessed, manipulated, and shared. Every flavor of an “as a Service” offering has been increasingly adopted to enable businesses to become more agile. In the process, the IT estate has become significantly more complex, making traditional approaches to DLP less effective. The end result is a high-maintenance program that overwhelms teams with a significant amount of false positives and repeat offenders on a daily basis; taking the time and focus away from security events that present material risk to the business.

DoControl for Cloud DLP provides next-generation data loss prevention throughout business-critical SaaS applications. The solution monitors all sensitive SaaS application data activity, performs end-user behavioral analytics to prevent insider threats, and automatically initiates secure workflows to prevent the loss, leakage, and misuse of sensitive company data. DoControl Cloud DLP provides security teams with the foundational components, both technology and process, to create effective DLP programs within SaaS environments.

DoControl for SaaS Data Loss Prevention (DLP)