Zero Trust Data Access eBook

Achieving a Zero Trust Data Access Security Model with DoControl

Zero Trust Data Access (ZTDA) takes the principle of least privilege and the concept of micro-segmentation and extends it throughout Software as a Service (SaaS) application environments, which are one of the most critical data sources for an enterprise trying to align to the Zero Trust model.

ZTDA is a new guiding principle that provides the granularity required to assume implicit trust is not granted to any user inside or outside the organization, beyond the identity layer and deeply ingrained into the SaaS application level.

The DoControl ZTDA solution provides continuous monitoring of all user activities and events, least privilege data access control policy enforcement at scale, and workflow automation to remediate risk both through manual intervention as well as in an automated fashion. This allows for more targeted security policies to be applied to end users and entities, both internal and external, across all SaaS applications that are interacted with.

ZTDA moves security closer to critical resources that drive the modern business forward...Read more in this engaging eBook.

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