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BambooHR provides companies with a human resources management software as a service solution. The DoControl solution integrates with BambooHR to automatically sync all BambooHR groups, employees, and employee termination statuses. This business-context within the HRIS application is leveraged to enrich DoControl's Security Workflows, and apply policies applied to different BambooHR groups that pose different levels of risk. DoControl’s fine-grain data access controls help prevent data overexposure and exfiltration, automatically remediate the risk of insider threats, and allow for business enablement to be achieved in a secure way.
Key Features:
  • Comprehensive Asset Inventory: IT and security teams will have the full scope of business-critical SaaS assets that each departing employee has access to.
  • Monitor and Control Users: During a resignation, IT and security teams can closely monitor employee’s that will depart from the organization, and prevent high-risk data exfiltration attempts (i.e. sharing business-critical data to private email accounts).
  • Insider Risk Management: DoControl provides foundational data access controls that help proactively secure modern businesses against insider risk and threats.
  • Automated Remediation: Future-proofed, Security Workflows revoke access to proprietary SaaS platforms and resources in the event of resignations or terminations.
Benefits of Integration:
  • Reduce the risk of sensitive data exfiltration from employees who have resigned, or became impacted by a reduction in force
  • Automated offboarding policies and workflows alleviate time-intensive user lifecycle management processes
  • Immediate triggering of workflows during employment status changes (i.e. resignation or termination) to protect sensitive organizational assets
  • Eliminates manual approaches for IT and HR access revocation processes for employee offboarding 
  • Provides a positive end user experience, with little-to-no coding required to create workflows that enable scalable data access risk reduction 
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