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Microsoft OneDrive is a file hosting service that enables registered users to share and synchronize their files. The DoControl solution integrates with OneDrive to secure all shared data and files accessed by every identity and entity, both internal employees as well as 3rd party collaborators. DoControl’s fine-grain data access controls help prevent data overexposure and exfiltration, automatically remediate the risk of insider threats, and allow for business enablement to be achieved in a secure way.
Key Features
  • Gain Visibility and Control: Gain complete visibility and control over all entities that access corporate data to identify what needs protection and establish secure file sharing policies for both internal and external users on OneDrive.
  • Close Permissions and Enforcement Gaps: Eliminate any gaps in permissions and enforcement by providing secure workflows for high-risk users and groups on OneDrive, ensuring future-proofed security.
  • Secure 3rd Party Access: Ensure secure 3rd party access on OneDrive by automatically expiring external and public sharing, reducing the risk of data overexposure.
  • Enforcement Actions: Configure automated secure workflow policies triggered by high-risk events on OneDrive or use manual 'single-click' remediation paths to reduce real-time risk.
Benefits of the Integration
  • Obtain comprehensive visibility into individual user interactions within OneDrive and a holistic view of the entire organization
  • Prioritize higher-risk identities and assets through a risk-based approach to securing OneDrive
  • Implement future-proofed secure workflows to mitigate the risk of data overexposure and exfiltration on OneDrive
  • Grant each group/department the necessary sharing capabilities to maintain business continuity with granular access on OneDrive
  • Centrally enforce consistent data access controls across OneDrive and other critical SaaS applications
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