Establish data access governance

Data Access Control

The Problem

Businesses utilizing multiple SaaS applications have no centralized visibility into every SaaS application within the estate, the number of assets stored in each application, no insight into the exposure for each asset (e.g. what is shared, and with who?), and no means to take bulk remediation actions when necessary (e.g. remove sharing). Permissions are continuously added and changed as employees and collaborators go about their work, and the overall number of files is always growing along with the business, making it incredibly difficult for security teams to exercise consistent data access governance across all SaaS applications.

The Solution

  • DoControl consolidates end-user activity events and assets’ metadata across your SaaS applications to provide a unified view of all SaaS activity
  • Behavioral analytics recognize user behavior trends to reduce the noise and identify high-risk activity
  • Centralized visibility into all SaaS applications (via OAuth), data access exposure for all assets, and the ability to set Security Workflows that remediate overexposure automatically
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