Incident Response

The Problem

Modern SaaS environments are characterized by constant exchanges of sensitive data and files across content collaboration tools like Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, and Slack. As a result, IT teams are inundated with security alerts and detections to analyze. The lack of business context for each alert makes identifying high-risk activity a challenge and increases MTTR for actual threats.

The Solution

  • A critical data feed into SIEM/SOAR solutions to highlight end-user events and data access anomalies that present material risk to the business
  • Anomaly detection mechanisms to identify and send real-time notifications for deviations with end-user normal behavior across common user actions (i.e. share, download, delete, upload, etc.)
  • One-click remediation paths to remove external collaborators’ access to company data, revoke public links, change data ownership, and more
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