Manage Insider Risk and Threats

The Problem

Human resources and security teams work in silos, but their ongoing work has reciprocal effects. For example, when HR managers initiate employment status changes for departing employees, security teams should be made aware as these high-risk individuals should be closely monitored for insider threats and data exfiltration. HR and security platforms are often disconnected in a way that increases this likelihood of sensitive information leaving with a departed employee.

The Solution

  • DoControl integrates with HR and SaaS applications to continuously sync the list of departing and terminated employees using our insider threat management software
  • Anomaly-detection mechanisms identify inappropriate end-user behavior and send real-time notifications to security teams with our risk management solution
  • Automated Security Workflows are initiated in real-time when employment status changes are triggered to prevent departing employees from exfiltrating data stored in SaaS applications
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