Mitigate Insider Threats

Leaving Employees

DoControl is integrated with your HR SaaS application to automatically sync the list of employees as well as any employment status changes. Combined with the rest of DoControl’s SaaS integrations, we help you keep track of any suspicious activity done by employees across their entire employee lifecycle. From there, you can prevent employees from sharing with their personal accounts, quickly revoke access for employees’ personal accounts, and get notified of any anomalous activity. 

Anomaly Detection

DoControl consolidates and normalizes end-user activity events and assets’ metadata across all major SaaS applications so that you get a unified view of user behavior. From there, DoControl runs anomaly detection mechanisms to identify any deviations with the end-user normal behavior across common user actions such as share, download, delete, upload, etc. DoControl notifies you of anomalous activity in real-time to reduce MTTR.

Prevent Sharing with Personal Accounts

DoControl integrates with your HR and File Sharing SaaS applications to automatically sync the list of employees and their personal email addresses. When employees attempt to share with their personal accounts, this can trigger an automated workflow that can not only notify but also enforce removal and prevent the sharing event. 
Mitigate Insider Threats

Mitigate Insider Threats

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