Prevent Data Loss in SaaS Ecosystems

The Problem

Employees routinely share Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Payment Card Industry (PCI) and Personal Health Information (PHI) in overexposed locations such as public Slack channels. The native controls within each SaaS application doesn't allow for the prevention of file sharing, or target them for removal. File-scanning offered by traditional DLP solutions creates too many false positives and overloads security teams with detections to review.

The Solution

  • Real-time scanning and classification for sensitive data types including PII, PCI and PHI across all files stored in SaaS applications
  • Granular data access controls that can be customized to solve for any use case, including preventing the sharing of sensitive data types in specific SaaS locations
  • Set role-based Security Workflows that auto-expire access to sensitive data when it is no longer needed
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