Continuous Monitoring

By increasing the amount of SaaS applications being utilized, and the users and collaborators within these systems, enterprises are continuing to increase their attack surface which is outside the traditional network and endpoint.

Continuous monitoring of data access within SaaS applications is needed in order to have real-time visibility of any indicators of compromise or a data breach.

By continuously monitoring the data accessed within SaaS applications, enterprises can increase their security posture, mitigate vendor risk, and also ensure compliance on data access policies.

Webhook Events

DoControl subscribes to SaaS providers’ webhook events to aggregate and normalize 500+ event types into one centralized location, allowing for greater visibility across SaaS users, external collaborators, domains, and 3rd party apps.

Security investigation

Security / IT teams can quickly perform security investigations based on clear analysis of user behavior over time and across multiple SaaS applications.

Data is available from multiple angels: users, external collaborators, assets, domains, and more.

Anomaly detection

DoControl continuously analyses user behavior to generate data-driven alerts categorized into high, medium, and low risk levels.

This significantly reduces the noise for Security / IT teams who don’t have to review millions of events to identify business risk.

Compliance evidence

By consolidating all user activity events combined with a complete assets inventory, DoControl curates all compliance evidence needed to simplify audits around SaaS data access and controls.

Continuous monitoring solved for SaaS Security.

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