DoControl SaaS Data Access Risk Assessment

You Cannot Protect What You Cannot See.
DoControl Zero Trust Data Access Risk Assessment

Do you know who has access to your data?

The average enterprise organization can have up to 15K external collaborators with direct access to 10M assets in Software as a Service (SaaS) applications*.

Sharing is caring – until it’s not. 20% of data and files are shared internally to anyone with a link. 18% are shared to external users and entities.

Let us uncover the true scope of your organization’s SaaS application risk and exposure, and close the gap in just a few simple steps.

A DoControl Risk Assessment
will scan your SaaS application estate to:

  • Assess and quantify SaaS application risk
  • Uncover regulatory compliance gaps
  • Enable manual and automated risk remediation
  • Build a business case for a SaaS Data Access Security program

After the scan, a DoControl expert will provide remediation strategies that deliver immediate impact and offer workflows to keep your cybersecurity hygiene future proof. Get your free Risk Assessment today.

DoControl Zero Trust Data Access Risk Assessment
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“With so many data movements on SaaS applications, DoControl makes it easy for us to really control who has access to what data point - all with minimal effort required.”

Wilson Chean, System Administrator, Samsung Next

Not Ready for a Scan?

Based on existing customer data, DoControl has quantified the risk that companies incur by allowing unmanaged data access across seven distinct risk types. The SaaS Data Exposure Profile allows security and IT leaders to measure their SaaS Security performance, direct commensurate remediation efforts on each area of potential threat, and report data-driven improvements to executive leadership.

Download the report to better understand the “unmanaged data access” risk organizations are faced, and obtain benchmark data across critical SaaS data exposure threat types.

DoControl- Unmanaged SaaS data access risk

World leading organizations have partnered with DoControl to move security closer to what drives their business forward.

*DoControl, “Quantifying the immense Risk of Unmanaged SaaS Data Access,” Data Report, June, 2021