Insider Risk Management

Insiders constantly expose sensitive data in SaaS applications. Exposure can be accidental, like when insiders share encryption keys, or intentional, by departing employees who steal organizational data.

DoControl helps you prevent data leakage and insider threat with effective insider risk management.

User behavior monitoring

Detect insiders’ risky actions in real time

DoControl’s AI-powered threat detection and DLP mechanisms identify insider threats in real time and respond immediately, either on demand or with predefined workflows.

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Business context enrichment

Distinguish between normal user behavior and actual insider threats

DoControl contextualizes each potential threat with user metadata from your IdP, HRIS, and EDR, and automatically engages with the user when additional context is needed.

End-user education

Heighten end users' awareness of security policies to prevent negligence

DoControl believes in real-time education for true insider risk management. When users violate SaaS security policies, they are promptly notified and asked to remediate.

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Protect against insider threat by terminated employee

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DoControl was identified as representative vendor in the 2023 Gartner® Market Guide for Data Loss Prevention

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