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SaaS data protection for Zoom

Protect sensitive data shared in the Zoom cloud, including meetings, recordings, audio transcripts, chat messages and closed captions.

Zoom exposure visibility

DoControl instantly builds an inventory of all your Zoom users and recordings, classifying them by level of exposure and number of views, providing maximum visibility into your Zoom attack surface.

Real-time activity monitoring

Events for Zoom end-user activity are generated in DoControl as they happen, such as when a Zoom recording is publicly shared.

Data enrichment for contextual risk analysis

DoControl distinguishes between standard business practices and genuine security threats in Zoom by aggregating security and business context from your IdP, HRIS, and EDR.

Threat detection and Zoom DLP

Risky and anomalous user activity in Zoom recordings is detected in real time, triggering alerts for your Security team. DoControl scans all Zoom recordings, transcripts, chats and closed captions to identify sensitive information such as PII.

Automated enforcement and employee empowerment

Our pre-built remediation workflows enforce security policies directly in Zoom, such as preventing PII sharing in Zoom meetings. DoControl automatically engages with employees on behalf of your security team to encourage independent mitigation of risky sharing activities.

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