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SaaS data protection for Salesforce

Identify and mitigate sensitive data exposure and insider threats in your Salesforce environment.

Salesforce inventory exposure

DoControl instantly builds an inventory of all your Salesforce assets and users, including third-party users with access to your sandbox environment. Each asset is categorized by sensitivity and level of exposure for full visibility of your attack surface.

Ongoing event-based monitoring

By integrating with Salesforce Shield event monitoring, DoControl tracks live events of end-user actions, such as when employees export sensitive Salesforce reports.

Context-based risk classification

Each potential threat is contextualized with user metadata from your organization's IdP, HRIS, and EDR. We classify risk differently when we know that the employee exporting your Opportunities list from Salesforce is from the Sales group and about to leave the company.

Data loss prevention and Salesforce threat detection

DoControl’s Salesforce DLP employs natural language processing to conduct real-time scans for sensitive data types like PII, PHI, PCI, secrets, and credentials. Risky end-user behavior is identified in real time, alerting Security teams via email, Slack or existing SIEM/SOAR systems.

Automated remediation workflows with employee engagement

Employ granular, pre-built remediation workflows to enforce security policies in Salesforce. DoControl automatically interacts with employees on behalf of your security team to address inappropriate sharing activities, saving you valuable time and resources.

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