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Samsung NEXT secures Saas Applications with DoControl

Trust in DoControl runs high for organizations of all shapes and sizes

At DoControl, we are committed to keeping our customers safe from data breaches in the most popular Software as a Service (SaaS) applications. Customers across every industry vertical, and from around the world have chosen DoControl to help strike the perfect balance between security and business enablement.

When you have millions of files in Google Drive or others that hundreds of employees collaborate on internally and externally, you gotta implement a technology in place that can monitor and remediate these sensitive file exposures - that is where DoControl helps

Brian Koref, CISO, Sisense

With DoControl in place, we are now able to enforce consistent data access control policies over the applications that are the cornerstone of our business’ success.

Mustafa Shabaa, Information Security Analyst

The DoControl solution provides us with the visibility, control and enforcement capabilities we need to deliver secure access to our critical SaaS applications and data.

Raz Karmi, CISO, Similarweb
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There is so much activity, so many files, so many events, it’s an impossible task to keep up with all of this. The challenge is to gain visibility and enforcement across all our different SaaS applications to better manage the risk effectively. I need to be a business enabler, and not a roadblock for the organization to collaborate and continue to drive business.

William White, CSO, Big Panda
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At Armis we have definitely reached the limits of native SaaS security features, specifically data access controls. As the company grows and in order to push the business at the same pace, DoControl helps us apply granular data access controls to make sure no company data is exposed to the wrong person at scale.

Cutis Simpson, CISO, Armis
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With so many data movements on SaaS applications, DoControl makes it easy for us to really control who has access to what data point - all with minimal effort required.

Wilson Chean, System Administrator

DoControl Automates Tedious File-Sharing Security Reviews With Ease!

Overall we've really appreciated the additional controls DoControl provides us over our Google Drive files-- the automation aspect around sharing is particularly useful.

IT Operations Manager

DoControl Product and Team are a Cut Above the Rest

The Docontrol team has been instrumental in providing a customized solution for our data governance needs. They have also been very receptive to feedback and have implemented several updates based on working closely together for both new and existing feature sets.

Office 365 Engineer
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