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Slack Data Loss Prevention

Secure sensitive information across all conversation types in Slack workspaces, accessed and shared by both internal users and third-party collaborators.

Fast implementation

DoControl seamlessly integrates into Slack without any agent, safeguarding communication across web, mobile and desktop applications. Within minutes, users gain full visibility into all Slack channels, user activity, shared files and canvases, including file sensitivity and level of exposure.

Comprehensive coverage

DoControl secures all Slack environments, including Enterprise Grid, covering direct & group messages, public & private channels, and file uploads from both internal and external collaborators.

Context-based SaaS DLP and proactive monitoring

Unlike traditional DLP tools that analyze content in isolation, leading to multiple false positives, DoControl considers business context from IdP, HRIS and end-user interactions to truly distinguish between standard business practices and genuine security threats.

In addition, DoControl generates real-time alerts for anomalous audit log events, when users don’t login from a legitimate location and geographic violations occur.

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Automated enforcement

Leverage granular, pre-built remediation workflows to directly apply security policies within Slack. Customize or use pre-defined templates, covering scenarios like preventing encryption key sharing or auto-deleting files and messages in private channels.

End-user empowerment

Remediate potential data loss by isolating files or messages in quarantine for further investigation. DoControl's Slack bot automatically interacts with employees on behalf of your security team to address inappropriate sharing activities, empowering them to independently remediate risk when possible, ensuring reduced exposure over time.

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