Data Access Governance

The first step in reducing SaaS data exposure is Data Access Governance.

DoControl discovers all your SaaS data, classifies assets by sensitivity and risk level, and  remediates exposure by enforcing policies for data sharing, usage, and retention.

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SaaS data discovery & categorization

Eliminate data blind spots in your SaaS environments

DoControl instantly builds an inventory of all SaaS assets, categorized by relevant metadata including location and recent events.

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Exposure mapping

Prioritize risk by evaluating the sensitivity and exposure level of each asset

DoControl’s machine learning-based classification model sets a sensitivity score for each data asset, and maps the level of exposure for internal, public and external sharing.

Data access remediation

Remove historical exposure at scale and use automation for future enforcement

DoControl lets you remove permissions on-demand from hundreds of thousands of assets within minutes, and set up granular, pre-built workflows triggered by users' risky actions.

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Remediate historical exposure at scale

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