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SaaS data protection for Box

Mitigate risky user activity by promptly detecting and remediating Box data exposure and insider threats, whether through automated workflows or on-demand, bulk remediation actions.

Box data visibility

DoControl rapidly discovers your Box environment by mapping all assets and users, giving you full and instant visibility into how and where your assets are shared, and remediating any potential data loss on-demand.

Live event monitoring

Your Box inventory is immediately updated with each SaaS event as it happens, such as when a 3rdparty shares sensitive files with a 4th party.

Contextual risk assessment

DoControl distinguishes between standard business practices and genuine security threats in Box by aggregating security and business context from your  IdP, HRIS, and EDR.

Box DLP and threat detection

Our Box security solution utilizes AI for real time scanning. Get DoControl alerts for anomalous file sharing or downloads from Box, including public and external sharing, former employee, and malicious domain access.

Historical and future exposure remediation & employee empowerment

Utilize bulk remediation actions to easily address historical exposure and establish automated workflows for real-time mitigation of future threats. With DoControl's Slack bot, employees are engaged to prevent inappropriate sharing activities, saving you time with self-remediation.

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