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The DoControl Difference

DoControl provides a unified, automated and risk-aware SaaS Security Platform that secures business-critical applications and data, drives operational efficiencies, and enables business productivity. DoControl’s core competency is focused on protecting business-critical SaaS applications and data through automated remediation.

Secure Business-Critical Applications and Data

DoControl provides the necessary foundational controls enabling organization’s to take a risk-based approach to securing SaaS environments. The DoControl SaaS Security Platform provides both preventative controls and detective mechanisms to secure sensitive data residing within business-critical cloud applications.

Drive Operational Efficiencies

DoControl provides a unified SaaS Security Platform to address decentralized, complex SaaS ecosystems. DoControl breaks down both silo’d and manual approaches to SaaS security, providing a centralized security strategy that is fully automated to streamline process and unlock precious time and resources for IT and Security teams.

Enable Business Productivity

DoControl positions security as a business enabler, whereby organizations can scale security inline with their business acceleration and growth. Extending the principle of least privilege beyond the identity layer allows end users to drive business enablement in a secure manner. The DoControl SaaS Security Platform enables modern businesses to go-to-market faster and uphold their end of the shared responsibility model in the cloud.

The DoControl SaaS Security Platform


Create data access workflows that span across all your SaaS applications without the need for coding – just drag-and-drop to create complex policies quickly and easily.


Our security workflows can be triggered by hundreds of different SaaS events and designed to follow unlimited conditions, making them fully customizable for any use case.

Enterprise Ready

Our workflow templates are ready out-of-the-box to ensure ease-of-use, and shorten time-to-value for common use cases.

Source of Truth

DoControl continuously monitors your SaaS environment to provide a current and exhaustive inventory of all 3rd party OAuth SaaS applications, files that are stored within the application, along with rich metadata for each asset.


Utilize rich behavioral analytics that combines past end-user behavior patterns and deterministic behaviors to mitigate insider threats as quickly as they appear.


DoControl integrates with your existing EDR, IDP, and HR solutions, allowing you to create workflows to address changes and activity detected across all these platforms.


Create workflows to enforce granular access controls for Personally Identifiable Information (PII), by automatically classifying PII as soon as it is detected within SaaS assets.

Actionable CASB Solution

Workflows can be designed to trigger automated remediation actions, manual steps that require human review, or a combination of both.


Our CASB solution enables you to set workflows that automatically query employees about unusual or high-risk SaaS activity. Minimize the guesswork and manual labor involved in the security process.

“It’s past time for a fully automated and transparent solution to balance policy, security and business enablement across cloud platforms that enable sharing of content.”
DoControl - SaaS Data Access Control- Andy Brown- Board of directors at ZScaler
Andy Brown
Board of directors at ZScaler
SaaS security- Automated security workflows- No code security workflows
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