Data Access Controls for SaaS applications

DoControl enables fine-grained policies to control how employees, external users, and admins access, share and manipulate data stored in SaaS apps.

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Identify data exposures

The complexity of SaaS apps, users, and admins results in a ton of user interactions and a dynamic attack surface that are hard to follow. DoControl provides on-going visibility to data exposures across multiple SaaS apps.

Apply consistent data access controls

Different SaaS apps offer different security features, making it nearly impossible to enforce security policies consistently across the board. DoControl’s Data Access Controls redefine how threat prevention is done at scale.

Proactively stop threats

Protecting against unknown or unusual activity requires security teams to ingest logs from multiple apps, organize the metadata, detect anomalies, and take actions. DoControl automates all of it right out of the box.

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