Multi-Layer Defense
for SaaS Applications

DoControl secures SaaS data, identities, connected apps & configurations, preventing sensitive data exposure and mitigating insider threats.

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DoControl SaaS Security Posture Management

Data Access Governance

  • Control data access with automated remediation
  • Understand data classification, usage, and exposure levels
  • Discover, catalog, and visualize all SaaS data
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Identity Threat Detection & Response

  • Aggregate all user data into a single identity posture
  • Analyze and benchmark identity risk profiles
  • Detect and respond to suspicious user activity
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Shadow App Discovery & Remediation

  • Discover all used and unused third-party apps
  • Asses risk levels of over permissioned, malicious and dormant apps
  • Suspend or remove suspicious or unnecessary apps
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SaaS Misconfiguration Management

  • Evaluate configurations posture and risk levels
  • Check compliance against relevant standards and regulations
  • Auto-remediate misconfigurations

How it Works

Instant data discovery

Inventory of SaaS assets, users, groups, and third-party OAuth apps for maximum visibility and context, immediately updated with each SaaS event.

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Periodic exposure cleanup

On-demand, bulk remediation actions such as removing inactive permissions to mitigate exposure at scale, performed when onboarding and periodically.

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AI-powered threat detection

Context-based alerts in real-time for inappropriate internal and external user behavior, such as an employee sharing multiple sensitive files with his private gmail account.

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Automated workflow remediation

Easy-to-use workflows, customized playbooks and end-user interactions for granular, cost-effective security policy enforcement.

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Docontrol has been a complete change in our approach to handling all types of data security around our Google Workspace, Dropbox, a lot of the cloud service providers.
Mark Jaques
Director of Information Security
“You hear the term CASB thrown around a lot, but you don't really get telemetry very well with some of those products. Understanding and contextualizing that information is where DoControl came in.”
Daniel Wood
CISO, unqork
“DoControl... freed up our resources to focus on other things, because we know we can trust the workflows to do exactly what we asked them to do.”Kayla Williams, CISO
Kayla Williams
CISO, Devo
“With DoControl we can apply controls... delivering a consistent experience to users, but also delivering consistent visibility and control back to my team and my program.”
Curtis Simpson
CISO, Armis