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SaaS Security Posture Management

Focuses only on misconfigurations
Focuses on data access controls

SaaS Management Platform

Cost optimization
Operational workflows
Prevents data exfiltration
Security workflows

SaaS Detection & Response

Only surfaces security issues in SaaS apps
Visualize risks
Offers automated remediation paths
Mitigates risks

Cloud-Native DLP

Accesses raw data
Visualizes sensitive data activity
Visualizes risks
Accesses metadata only
Prevents data exfiltration
Mitigates risks


Long implementation process
Supports 10 apps in years
5-minute onboarding
Supports 10 apps under one year
Offers self-service remediation path

Shadow IT

Requires installation of agents on endpoints or browsers
Surfaces managed and unmanaged SaaS apps
100% agentless
Prevents data exfiltration

Identity Provider

Provision/ deprovision SaaS users
Focuses on data access controls