Why DoControl

DoControl understands that SaaS security is all about people. Your employees might be the weak link in your SaaS security chain, but they’re also the key to protecting it.

Companies using DoControl:
  • Manage their SaaS security posture, including data, identities, connected apps and configurations
  • Detect and mitigate insider threats, eliminate historical data exposure, and prevent sensitive data loss with automated enforcement
  • Empower their employees to independently remediate risky actions, increasing awareness for secure SaaS collaboration

DoControl’s approach to SaaS security

Multi-context analysis

We distinguish between normal business behavior and risky actions by enriching SaaS events with end-user security & business context from your EDR, IdP, HRIS and employee interactions.

Quote's sign
“You hear the term CASB thrown around a lot, but you don't really get telemetry very well with some of those products. Understanding and contextualizing that information is where DoControl came in.”
Daniel Wood, CISO at Unqork

Granular enforcement workflows

Our automated alerting & remediation workflows provide consistent, granular protection with minimal effort for your team. Use our playbook library or customize your own.

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"DoControl... freed up our resources to focus on other things, because we know we can trust the workflows to do exactly what we asked them to do."
Kayla Williams, CISO at Devo

Employee engagement & empowerment

We believe in working with your employees instead of blocking them. When they violate SaaS security policies, we notify them and ask them to remediate, increasing security awareness.

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"DoControl allowed us to transfer some of the responsibility of securing the data to the creators of the data."
Mark Jaques, Director of Information Security at Vox Media

Where DoControl fits in

We know all about security tool fatigue, but SaaS applications present unique challenges that just can’t be addressed with existing solutions.

Uncovered threat model

EDR/Endpoint DLP

Protect end-user devices from malware and external threats


Manage and authenticate user


Insider threats from SaaS collaboration in trusted networks

EDR/Endpoint DLP

Sensitive data exposure by unprotected devices: BYOD & third parties


Risky data access patterns by authenticated end-users


Secure network access to cloud-based applications

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