Identity Threat Detection & Response

End users are the weakest link in your SaaS security chain. Identity Threat Detection & Response is key to protecting your environment.

DoControl determines the risk level of each user, sends alerts on anomalous behavior, and facilitates true response to risky actions with on-demand and automated remediation.

Identity security posture discovery

Gain aggregated data visibility for true risk prioritization

DoControl determines the risk profile for each identity based on comprehensive data collection including data access patterns, user permissions and relevant business context from HRIS.

User behavior anomaly detection

Monitor activity anomalies based on user and department benchmarks

DoControl alerts security teams on deviations from normal identity activity patterns, such as when a finance employee shares an unusual number of files with an external account.

User-level response

Remove exposure per user and manage data access across identities

DoControl enables on-demand permission changes per user across SaaS applications and assets, as well as internal and third-party user suspension or deactivation.

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