SaaS Security
Posture Management

DoControl provides complete visibility, threat detection, and remediation for sensitive data exposure and insider threats, across all your major SaaS ecosystems.

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Unified Data Inventory

Gain instant visibility into SaaS application data 

DoControl instantly builds an inventory of all your SaaS application assets, users and third-party OAuth apps. Data collection is completed within hours, regardless of your company size. Quickly uncover data exposure and delve into the details with targeted queries.

Bulk Remediation

Clean up historical exposure at scale with a single click

Recurring exposure cleanups can take weeks or months to perform manually. DoControl lets you trigger on-demand, bulk remediation actions at scale, such as removing user access from hundreds of thousands of files in just minutes. 

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SaaS Data Loss Prevention

Prevent exposure of sensitive company & customer data

DoControl utilizes NLP for real-time scanning of sensitive data types, including PII, PHI, PCI, secrets, and credentials. We minimize false positives by leveraging a combination of custom keywords, RegEx, and business context from your IdP, EDR and HRIS.

AI-Powered Threat Detection

Get real-time alerts for anomalous user activity

DoControl identifies risky end-user behavior, such as multiple assets shared by an about-to-be terminated employee, using ML algorithms. DoControl sends notifications to your security team via email or Slack, and can send alerts downstream to your existing SIEM.

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Automated Security Workflows

Enforce granular security controls per application and use case

DoControl’s conditional-logic remediation workflows enable automated policy enforcement across applications, with minimal effort to your security team and no impact on employee productivity. Use our playbook library or customize your own.

End-User Engagement

Empower your employees to independently remediate risky actions

Our Slack bot engages with employees on behalf of the security team to mitigate inappropriate sharing activities, saving you time with self-remediation. Alternatively, your security personnel can learn the business context needed for risk mitigation when self-remediation is not an option. 

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Shadow App Governance

Discover and remediate over-permissioned shadow apps

Third-party OAuth applications connected to your core SaaS ecosystems are often overprivileged, vulnerable, abandoned, and even malicious. DoControl provides deep visibility into shadow app usage, and enables you to remediate when needed.

Security Posture Dashboard

Manage your SaaS security posture and prioritize threats

DoControl gives a high-level, operational view of main risks, recent alerts and remediation actions across all your organization's SaaS applications. Prioritize your efforts correctly and take a risk-based approach to SaaS security, spending time where it truly matters.  

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The DoControl difference

  • SaaS data blind spots: no visibility into how data is stored, accessed, used and shared by users
  • Risky internal and external user activity in SaaS applications is overlooked, leaving the organization vulnerable
  • Employees share sensitive information in public locations like Slack channels, exposing company and customer data
  • Employees continuously connect overprivileged, unmonitored third-party applications to core SaaS environments
  • Recurring SaaS data exposure cleanups takes security teams weeks or months to manually perform
  • Security teams lack business context around risky user activity. Reaching out with service tickets is just not scalable
  • No granularity in policy enforcement per app and use case. You either over-enforce and impact productivity or overlook risk
  • Easily identify all layers and exposure levels in SaaS data, including asset, users and third-party app connections 
  • Get alerts on risky and anomalous user activity. Contextual enrichment minimizes false positives and alert fatigue   
  • Mitigate sensitive data exposure in real time across apps. Prevent/ quarantine files/messages for further analysis
  • Identify unauthorized apps and the extent of their permissions. Remove and prevent the installation of risky apps.
  • Remove permissions or external collaborators from hundred of thousands of SaaS assets in minutes 
  • Automate employees engagement utilizing Slack/Teams bots to gain context on risky activities or delegate for self-remediation 
  • Use pre-built, automated remediation workflows for targeted enforcement. Gain control without affecting productivity  

Integrate DoControl with your SaaS ecosystems

Don't take our word for it

Docontrol has been a complete change in our approach to handling all types of data security around our Google Workspace, Dropbox, a lot of the cloud service providers.
Mark Jaques
Director of Information Security
“You hear the term CASB thrown around a lot, but you don't really get telemetry very well with some of those products. Understanding and contextualizing that information is where DoControl came in.”
Daniel Wood
CISO, unqork
“DoControl... freed up our resources to focus on other things, because we know we can trust the workflows to do exactly what we asked them to do.”Kayla Williams, CISO
Kayla Williams
CISO, Devo
“With DoControl we can apply controls... delivering a consistent experience to users, but also delivering consistent visibility and control back to my team and my program.”
Curtis Simpson
CISO, Armis