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SaaS data protection for Microsoft 365

Protect your Microsoft 365 ecosystem from outsider and insider threats. Detect and remediate sensitive data exposure in OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams.


Microsoft 365 data exposure visibility

DoControl instantly discovers your OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams attack surface by mapping all assets and users, and classifying them according to level of risk and exposure.

Dynamic SaaS activity monitoring

Leveraging webhook subscriptions for OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams, DoControl generates real-time events for end-user activity, such as file sharing in OneDrive or joining a group in Teams.

Data enrichment for contextual risk assessment

DoControl establishes the risk level for events based on real-world business and security context. To that end, DoControl draws from metadata in Microsoft 365, such as OneDrive asset metadata and sharing configurations, and ecosystem applications like Azure AD and HRIS


Data loss prevention and threat detection

DoControl promptly identifies risky and anomalous user activity as it happens. Our OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams DLP utilizes natural language processing for real-time scanning of sensitive data types, including PII, PHI, PCI, secrets, and credentials.

Automated enforcement and employee empowerment

Use granular, pre-built remediation workflows to enforce security policies in OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams. DoControl automatically engages with employees on behalf of your security team to mitigate inappropriate sharing activities, saving you time with self-remediation.

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