Shadow App Discovery & Remediation

It’s not only human users who have access to your data. Third-party OAuth apps are frequently connected with SaaS applications to streamline work processes and enhance productivity.

DoControl provides visibility into third-party apps and their access permissions, detects over-privileged or untrusted connections, and remediates suspicious app activity.

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Application discovery

Continuously identify third-party app integrations with your core SaaS ecosystems

DoControl discovers all connected applications including shadow, abandoned and malicious apps, with enriched data about users and access permissions.

Risk evaluation

Assess the risk level of each connected application

DoControl considers usage, geolocation data and the extent of app permissions and scopes to determine the risk score of each application.

On-demand & automated remediation

Suspend, remove or ban suspicious and unnecessary apps

DoControl enables remediation of overprivileged, vulnerable, abandoned, and malicious applications, either on demand or by setting automated workflows to prevent and alert on future installations.

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