SaaS Misconfiguration Management

Ensuring your SaaS configurations are secure is the foundation for protecting against unauthorized access and data breaches.

DoControl SaaS Misconfiguration Management identifies security drifts and compliance gaps across SaaS application security controls, and facilitates the remediation process.

Misconfiguration mapping and prioritization

Evaluate the strength of your SaaS security posture

DoControl performs comprehensive security checks on settings for your SaaS apps and users, mapping misconfigurations by application, security domain and level of impact.

Compliance checks

Monitor compliance against security standards and regulatory frameworks

DoControl aligns security checks with industry standards, best practices and regulations, such as CIS Critical Security Controls, to achieve and maintain compliance across SaaS applications

Streamlined remediation

Remediate inadequate security controls

DoControl offers guided remediation steps for each misconfiguration, coupled with the ability to establish automated remediation workflows triggered by misconfiguration events in real time.

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