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Great Diverse Culture where your input is encouraged and respected. Customers and Employees are highly valued. The product fulfills cyber security needs within the SaaS landscape, revolutionizing outdated CASB and DLP technologies. I could not be happier choosing to join the DoControl Family!
Employee - SDR Manager NYC
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The best thing about DoControl is the fact that I have all the resources to develop and improve my skills along with helping DoControl to grow. Employees at DoControl are highly intelligent, experienced and committed to success. It's a rewarding job with satisfying tasks and I never get bored doing it.
Employee - Front End Developer IL


What it takes to be a DoController!

Core values allow our people to make good decisions on their own and help empower their individual growth across our Company. We have high standards and work hard to build the best!


Ownership means you go above and beyond the scope of your role to make things happen on behalf of DoControl’s customers. It means you proactively collaborate with other teams to drive execution and customer satisfaction.


Transparency is key in building trust between different stakeholders. Transparency starts with our founders, and spreads throughout all team members to ensure everyone knows where we stand across the company.

Customer centric

Customers are the reason we do what we do every day. We put ourselves in the customer’s shoes to ensure DoControl solves the right problems, in the right way.

Never stop learning

We create an environment where every team member, customer, and partner can bring their unique perspective and experience to teach us all something new. A true learner will find a way to learn, improve, and optimize over time.


Passion is what drives us all to be successful. We take the responsibility of our customers entrusting us to secure SaaS app data access very seriously, and it's the passion that exists across every department that allows us to move the needle.


Two minds are better than one. We empower cross-team collaboration to ensure everyone’s voice is heard and every perspective is taken into consideration.

Getting things done

Our motto is do what you want, but get it done. We offer a flexible working environment that is driven by data and results.


How we hire people

We are laser focused on finding the right DNA to join our DoControl Family and we collect candidate feedback at the end of our process so we can improve our hiring practices as our company grows!

Our process is fast, our average recruitment cycle takes 2 weeks - we believe this is a joint collaboration to find a perfect match!

Our employees love working here and refer candidates to us via our referral program.

First Step

All qualified applicants will speak with our internal recruitment team to assess the DNA match!

Second Step

Successful candidates will interview with all key stakeholders and team members - this may include one of our Co-founders.

Third Step

Candidates may be asked to complete a technical task, present a topic or complete a case study. These assignments are role specific and don't take longer than a normal job interview.


The heart of our culture...

At DoControl, we take pride in supporting our people in different ways to create a people first culture!

Regular performance reviews

  • 2x per year
  • Employee development
  • Performance based promotions

Feedback surveys and employee newsletter

  • Two way communication
  • Action and results

Internal manager training program

  • Quarterly meet ups
  • People education
  • Collaboration

Monthly all hands

  • Company Progress
  • Employee shout-outs
  • Product education

Reward and recognition program

  • Care Packages
  • Birthday and anniversary gifts
  • DoStar Rewards

Professional development

  • Company sponsored professional development

Employee social events

  • Happy hours
  • Team building events
  • Company wide events
  • Local holiday celebrations
  • In person gatherings and virtual meet ups

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