Business Enablement Vs. Data Access Security: It’s No Longer Either/Or

Different Organizations, Different KPIs, Different Risks

Organizations today have two hard choices when it comes to data access and security. Either they lock everything down for maximum security — at the risk of slowing business down to a crawl — or, they loosen security controls to favor business enablement — at the risk of exposing sensitive data.

In my experience, it’s the security team pushing for tighter controls, with legitimate and compelling reasons, and it’s usually the sales/operations/marketing pushing for greater business enablement, also with legitimate and compelling reasons. The poor CEO is caught in the middle.

With the rapid uptake of cloud infrastructure, the conversation about data access is front and center, and the tug-of-war is tougher and more critical than ever. When you apply strict security measures to your cloud infrastructure, you may not hear the quiet screams of frustration from salespeople who can’t close customer deals quickly enough to hit quota. You may not feel the pain from employees who routinely collaborate with external partners, vendors and customers, nor will you see the workarounds they take to bypass security controls in order to get their work done.

But when it comes to SaaS applications, it’s a whole different game.

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