SaaS Asset Management

Asset management continues to be a major challenge for enterprise Security / IT teams, and is becoming more difficult as organizations are continuing to adopt new SaaS applications.
CRMs, collaboration platforms, development applications, HR tools,the list keeps expanding and Security / IT teams are tasked to manage the data exposure risk.

Visibility is the first step in being able to defend against breaches and exfiltration, and DoControl gives you end-to-end visibility across all your applications, users, collaborators, assets, and 3rd party OAuth application connections.
With the increasing number of SaaS applications in use, it’s important to have clear visibility into the applications in use, how many internal / external users in each, has MFA been enabled, etc. In order to manage the risk from these applications, you need to have clear visibility into all of them in one location.
Enterprises are continually adding SaaS applications to enable their business to grow faster. With that, they need a single source of truth of the systems your employees have access to, the accounts they have Administrative access to, is MFA enabled, among others. DoControl brings complete visibility into all the users in their SaaS applications.
One of the drivers for SaaS adoption is the ability to collaborate, both internally, but also with external vendors, partners, or even customers. DoControl allows enterprises the visibility to track all the collaborators outside your organization that have access to data.
Files on Google Drive. Folders in Dropbox. Github Repositories. Slack Channels. These are the critical information assets that enable business to succeed and grow. DoControl gives organizations the visibility into all these assets that are outside your perimeter in SaaS applications, so you have a complete inventory of all these data assets and track their exposure.
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