What is a SaaS Security Platform (SSP)?

Modern organizations run on SaaS applications, in which employees create and collaborate on critical company data. As per the SaaS Shared Responsibility Model, security teams are responsible for SaaS data security. Today, data protection against insider threats, unauthorized access, and malicious 3rd party apps is essential. SaaS Security Platforms (SSP) provide a suite of products, covering all SaaS Security threat models across multiple SaaS applications.

DoControl is the first product we’ve used that allowed us to address data loss prevention without requiring a large team of individuals to manage the platform. The out-of-box solutions as well as customization allowed us to educate employees on safely sharing and quickly resolve DLP violations. Additionally, DoControl allows us to target the highest risk areas without having negative impacts on the productivity of our employees.

Mark Jacques
Director of Information Security

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Samsung NEXT secures Saas Applications with DoControl
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