The DoControl SaaS Security Platform (SSP)

DoControl provides a unified, automated and risk-aware SaaS Security Platform that secures business critical data, drives operational efficiencies, and enables business productivity. DoControl’s core competency is focused on protecting business-critical SaaS applications and data through automated remediation. The DoControl Platform is built upon three foundational
tenants: Discovery and Visibility, Monitor and Control, and Automated Remediation.


Integrating business-critical SaaS applications into the DoControl Platform can be achieved in a few simple clicks.

The connection is established through a secure OAuth flow, allowing DoControl to access metadata and change logs of each system in near real-time, providing user rich data and insights in seconds to minutes.
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Discovery and Visibility 

DoControl automatically creates a comprehensive inventory of all sanctioned and unsanctioned SaaS applications (via OAuth), users, external collaborators, assets, third-party domains, and more.

This inventory allows for full visibility and analytics used for security investigations, third-party vendors off-boarding, compliance evidence, and incident response.
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Monitor and Control

DoControl provides continuous monitoring of SaaS application and data access that is required for real-time visibility of indicators of compromise or a data breach.

Detailed reporting, dashboards, and alerting, enterprises can increase their security posture, mitigate vendor risk, and also ensure compliance on data access policies.

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Automated Remediation

Security Workflows based on conditional logic can be established within a no-code policy enforcement platform that extends Zero Trust beyond the identity, device and network levels.

A library of pre existing workflow templates are provided out-of-the-box, and fully customizable to meet specific security program requirements.
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DoControl Zero Trust Data Access Risk Assessment

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