DoControl + AWS

Automate and Scale SaaS Data Access Control

The AWS and DoControl partnership provides defense-in-depth for modern organizations leveraging SaaS applications to drive business enablement. Organizations partner with DoControl to uphold their end of the shared responsibility model, ensuring that the data within ‘as-a-Service’ technologies can be discovered, understood, and protected.

Beyond added layers of security controls, this partnership enables organizations to purchase the DoControl SaaS Security Platform via the AWS Marketplace, making it easier for teams to procure the tools and solutions they require to maintain a strong security posture in the cloud.


DoControl is an agentless No-code SaaS Security Platform that secures sensitive data and files within business-critical SaaS applications, drives operational efficiencies, and enables business productivity.

Secure Business-Critical Applications and Data

DoControl provides both preventative controls and detective mechanisms to secure sensitive data residing within business-critical cloud applications.

Drive Operational Efficiences

DoControl provides a centralized security strategy that is fully automated to streamline process, and unlock precious time and resources for IT and Security teams.

Enable Business Productivity

DoControl extends the principle of least privilege beyond the identity layer allows end users to drive business enablement in a secure manner.

How Vox Media Automates SaaS Security Risk Controls with DoControl

"It's one of the most important parts of our cyber security program. (DoControl) helps us make sure that we know where our data is, we know who is accessing it and why".

Mark Jaques, Director of Information Security

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