Secure Your Google Drive Data with DoControl

Integrate with Google Drive to secure all shared data and files accessed by every identity and entity, both internal employees as well as third party collaborators.

Learn more about our Google Drive integration and how to secure all shared data.

Key Benefits:

Gain Visibility and Control

Gain full awareness of every entity that is accessing corporate data to identify what needs to be protected, and then create policy that allows for secure file sharing between all internal and external users.lows for secure file sharing between all internal and external users.

Close Permissions and Enforcement Gaps

DoControl provides future-proofed, secure workflows for specific users and groups that present higher-levels of risk to the business.

Secure 3rd Party Access

DoControl will automatically expire external and public sharing, reducing the risk of data overexposure.

Enforcement Actions

Configure automated secure workflow policies that trigger automatically by high-risk events within Google Drive, or take manual ‘single-click’ remediation paths to reduce risk in real-time.

Docontrol has been a complete change in our approach to handling all types of data security around our Google Workspace, Dropbox, a lot of the cloud service providers.

Mark Jaques, Director of Information Security

How We Protect Your Data

DoControl helps expose your SaaS application and data risk, remediate it quickly, and automatically remediate over time through granular, no-code workflows.

Enforce granular data access control policies
Cloud-Native DLP
Next-generation data loss prevention for SaaS
3rd party OAuth application governance
Streamline admin audit logs to detect and respond to configuration drifts
Streamline events, alerts, and business context to automate policies
Insider Risk Management
Foundational controls to prevent insider threats