DoControl Services Support

Services Support

DoControl customers have access to services support during standard business hours (8:00am to 5:00pm GMT and ET), Sunday through Friday.

Submitting a services request can be achieved the following ways:

1. Leveraging the in application chatbot window (Intercom)
2. Email
3. Contact the designated Customer Success Manager and request a case be opened on your behalf

The DoControl team will respond to issues reported by customers according to their severity as set forth below:

Service Availability

DoControl’s Software as a Service (SaaS) uptime commitment is 99.5% availability as measured on a 24x7 basis over the course of each monthly period, excluding unavailability caused by exceptions (as defined below). “Available” means the SaaS solution is available for access and use by the customer in accordance with their full intended functionality. For purposes of calculating Availability percentage, the following are “Exceptions'' to the Service Level required and the services shall not be considered unavailable to the extent due to: (A) Customer’s acts or omissions, (B) Customer’s internet connectivity, (C) Factors beyond DoControl’s direct control, (D) Emergency downtime to address security issues or (E) DoControl’s regularly-scheduled downtime (which shall occur weekly, Sundays, from 2:00am to 10:00am Eastern time) and five (5) hours per month of additional downtime provided DoControl’s provides 48 hours prior written notice to the customer.

Data and Recovery

Customers are solely responsible for the management of their data back-up, data recovery, and disaster recovery measures. DoControl and its authorized service representatives will not be responsible or held liable for customer’s internal processes, procedures or requirements to ensure the protection, loss, confidentiality, or security of their data or information.