The Practical Guide to SaaS Security in the Era of Generative AI: Risks and Remediations

When you connect generative AI tools to all the data stored in your company’s SaaS, the synergy can deliver incredible results while saving you hours of time.

There’s only one problem. 

It’s wonderful to reduce friction in your workflow. But if you reduce the friction dramatically - as generative AI is designed to do - you may find that your enterprise information starts moving too fast to control. Sensitive information starts dripping out in unexpected and unwanted places. 

How can you capitalize on the dream of generative AI + SaaS empowering your business, while avoiding a data security nightmare?

After reading this guide, you will know:

  • The unique risks generative AI poses to SaaS configuration issues
  • How generative AI can expose sensitive data even if it follows your access permission settings
  • Why user laziness is a top security pitfall with AI - and how to combat that with effective security education
  • How to secure your SaaS ecosystem from both sanctioned and unsanctioned third-party AI apps

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