Key Benefits:

  • Visibility: Organizations can establish a comprehensive inventory of all Salesforce users and assets, as well as asset activities within the SaaS platform (i.e. if a file is publicly shared, visible or private, and whether sharing a file is allowed or restricted)
  • Manage and Monitor Critical Assets: IT and security teams can monitor and control user activities on an individual level within Salesforce.
  • Enterprise-Readiness: DoControl can integrate with Salesforce via OAuth, as well as many other business-critical SaaS applications and existing technologies providing scalable risk reduction to the SaaS estate.

Benefits of the Integration:

  • Enforce foundational SaaS security controls throughout Salesforce instances, as well as many other business-critical SaaS applications from a single control point
  • Gain full visibility into Salesforce instances, with a comprehensive inventory of users, assets, and more
  • Protect business-critical data throughout Salesforce, ensuring sensitive files do not become overexposed within the environment
  • Mitigate the risk of data exfiltration from both internal employees, 3rd party vendors, contractors, partners, unauthorized external users, and more