EDR and SaaS Security Come Together with Crowdstrike and DoControl

Automatically cross-reference CrowdStrike detections with the same files stored in SaaS applications to identify and remediate malicious activity

CrowdStrike Falcon® has revolutionized endpoint security by being the first and only solution to unify next-generation antivirus, endpoint detection and response (EDR), and a 24/7 threat hunting service — all delivered via a single lightweight agent. The DoControl solution integrates with CrowdStrike Falcon InsightTM EDR to unite CrowdStrike’s endpoint telemetry and detections with DoControl’s asset management, continuous monitoring and automated security workflows, providing a powerful and comprehensive view of your SaaS applications and the ability to remediate users’ access to any malicious files.
Key Features
  • Defense-in-Depth: Extend the Falcon platform’s rich telemetry to cross-reference security event notifications against all data files within your connected SaaS applications.
  • Monitor and Control: Continuously monitor and cross-reference files across your SaaS applications against known malicious files within Falcon.
  • Malicious File Correlation: Match files upon upload to any of your connected SaaS applications against a library of known malicious files.
  • Automated Remediation: Remediate data breaches automatically through DoControl’s security workflows, and continuously monitor data files within your SaaS applications to identify and remediate new malicious files before a breach can occur.
Benefits of the Integration
  • Extend CrowdStrike endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities and potential threat indicators beyond endpoints into corporate SaaS applications, preventing further access to malicious files
  • Trigger automated security workflows to remediate access to connected SaaS applications by employees or external collaborators – or to remove malicious files with known compromises from connected SaaS applications – preventing further compromise
  • Alert security teams of malicious files within your SaaS applications based on cross-referencing indicators from CrowdStrike, quickening investigations of compromised systems and users across the organization
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