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Slack is a messaging app for business that connects people to the information they need; by bringing people together to work as one unified team, Slack transforms the way organizations communicate. The DoControl solution integrates with Slack to secure all shared data and files accessed by every identity and entity, both internal employees as well as 3rd party collaborators. DoControl’s fine-grain data access controls help prevent data overexposure and exfiltration, automatically remediate the risk of insider threats, and allow for business enablement to be achieved in a secure way.
Key Features:
  • Enable Secure File Sharing: Future-proofed, granular data access control policies restrict specific files from being accessed by unauthorized parties or revoke access to authorized users after a predetermined amount of time.
  • Manage and Monitor Critical Assets:  Full asset management throughout all critical SaaS applications being accessed and shared by internal and external users; IT and security teams can monitor and control all user activity on an individual-level, and take immediate action to remediate risk.
  • Balance Security and Business Enablement: Slack webhooks can be configured to enable real-time notifications of various scenarios – such as public sharing, encryption key file uploads, and more.
  • Enforcement Actions: Configure automated secure workflow policies triggered by high-risk events on Slack or use manual 'single-click' remediation paths to reduce real-time risk.
Benefits of Integration
  • Gain visibility into individual user interactions within Slack, as well as a comprehensive view of the entire organization
  • Experience a risk-based approach to securing Slack by prioritizing the necessary identities and assets that carry higher levels of risk
  • Establish secure workflows that are future-proofed to mitigate the risk of data overexposure and exfiltration
  • Implement the granular access required to maintain business continuity by granting each group/department with the the sharing capabilities required
  • Centrally enforce consistent data access controls throughout Slack, and all other critical SaaS applications
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Implementing SaaS Security Workflows in Slack

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Implementing SaaS Security Workflows in Slack