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DoControl integrates with Slack to protect business-critical shared assets in Slack. DoControl provides fine-grain data access controls to prevent data exfiltration, remediate insider threats, and respond to security incidents quickly.
Metadata Involved:
  • Users
  • Invited guests and external users
  • Public channels only
  • Files/Attachments uploaded to channels
  • Webhook events
Use Cases:
Getting Started

Integrating DoControl with Slack enables you to monitor sharing of files within shared channels. Additionally, once Slack is integrated, you can configure DoControl to send notifications to specific channels or use DoBot (the DoControl Slack bot) to approve or deny sharing based on different policy criteria.

  1. Login to the DoControl Console
  2. Within the DoControl Console, click on the Integrations tab.
  3. Underneath the Slack icon, click Connect.
  4. You'll then be presented with the permission scopes of the DoControl Slack application. You are able to allow the app to only read permission (i.e. only provide visibility into the Slack Workspace), or read & write permission (which will allow DoControl to help you remedy potent risk factors).
  5. After selecting the desired scopes, you'll be redirected to Slack and asked to allow the integration.
  6. Now that the DoControl application has access to the workspace, you'll be asked to select which channels will be monitored by DoControl. For full coverage, it is recommended to select "All Channels". However, it is possible to select only specific channels to be monitored, or alternatively, exclude specific channels from being monitored.
    (Please note: DoControl will only have access to channels selected by the integrator (you may choose "All channels" for monitoring all public channels), however the integrator doesn't have to be a member of a monitored channel.)
  7. That's it, the integration was completed successfully! DoControl will automatically collect "assets" (channels, documents, code files, executables, images and so on) and monitor events (i.e. various types of user activity) and display them in the DoControl console.
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