DoControl for Slack Enterprise

Secure Collaboration with Advanced DLP Integration

DoControl secures critical data in Slack Enterprise workspaces, including direct & group messages, public & private channels, and file uploads from both internal and external collaborators.

DoControl SaaS DLP

DoControl uses advanced contextual analysis and NLP to secure sensitive data like PII, PCI, and PHI, distinguishing standard practices from genuine threats.

Why DoControl for Slack Enterprise:

  • Comprehensive coverage across all Slack workspaces and message types 
  • Securing all Slack user communication, including web, mobile and desktop applications
  • Contextual analysis minimizes false positives
  • Automated workflows ensure consistent and customizable enforcement
  • Intuitive end-user engagement for operational efficiency
  • Detailed audit logs tracking user logins and anomalies

Note: A Slack Enterprise license is required for this integration.

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