Secure Your Zoom Data with DoControl

Gain visibility and expose a full inventory of every individual user and cloud-based recordings

Key Benefits:

  • Gain End-to-End Visibility: Gain exposure into specific user details (i.e. name, department, email, etc.) to better understand who has access to the application and what is taking place within the environment. Security teams can perform event correlation to organize activities that are connected that present potential risk to the business.
  • Secure Access to Video and Text-based Recordings: Ensure strong password protection is strictly enforced across specific identities that carry higher levels of risk. The solution gains visibility into cloud recordings and their associated settings, and the recording event. The vulnerabilities within cloud recordings can be automatically identified and remediated through self-service tooling or via automated policy enforcement.
  • Implement Granular Data Access Control Policies: Establish granular Security Workflows that automatically notify the appropriate teams of policy violations and anomalies. Security Workflows can be leveraged as a preventative control to ensure sensitive data and files within Zoom are never exposed to the wrong users.

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