3rd Party Vendor Access Management

Granular Data Access Controls

As collaboration utilizing SaaS applications such as Slack, Teams, Box, Google Workspace, and others has continued to increase, so has the attack surface which can lead to data breaches. It is an unmanageable task for Security / IT teams to keep up with the amount of access that has been granted to contractors, vendors, partners, and customers that has been authorized across dozens of SaaS applications by thousands of employees.

DoControl integrates with your SaaS applications and provides consistent and granular data access controls that can be easily customized and applied on different organizational departments synced from your HR SaaS app or identity provider solution.

Auto-Expire External and Public Sharing

As collaboration with external vendors, partners, and customers increases it also becomes unmanageable for Security / IT teams to track access to assets. A major risk for data breaches comes from data access to certain assets remaining available even after projects have been completed, so it is imperative that access is remediated after it is no longer necessary.

DoControl provides automated security workflows that can auto-expire external and public sharing links. You can construct logical workflows for different organizational departments synced from your HR SaaS app or identify provider solutions. Instead of running manual permissions cleanup reviews, DoControl automatically makes sure no company data is exposed indefinitely. 

Prevent Sharing with 4th Party Accounts

When 3rd party collaborators, such as vendors, partners, and customers, access your SaaS hosted data, they can also share it with their personal accounts and/or share it with a 4th party, such as the vendor’s vendor. In this case, DoControl can prevent 3rd party to 4th party sharing.
3rd Party Vendor Access Management

Manage 3rd Party Vendors

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