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DoControl’s First Black Hat Conference was a Success

Our first time exhibiting at a major trade show was a success for myriad reasons -- largely for business and professional reasons, but also for very personal reasons.

The chance to finally meet our valued customers, prospects and partners in person, and the energy of being among this extended cohort of brilliant cybersecurity minds was a privilege, a welcome change of pace from the last 18 or so months. 

We launched DoControl during the beginning of the pandemic. We’ve only known our business, partners, clients and prospects through the lens of the pandemic. Working with our advisors and partners, who have been instrumental in shaping DoControl, is rewarding every day, but meeting them in person was a treat. 

As we talked with the security folks at Black Hat, it quickly became evident that our approach to SaaS security resonated with them. And hearing from the cybersecurity pros their frustrations and awareness of the shortcomings of native security features in SaaS applications resonated with us. 

Data access control is a very sore pain point for security professionals, especially as SaaS apps continue to boom. The easier it is to share data, the easier it becomes to lose (or steal) data, and then it becomes almost impossible to even keep track of the huge amounts of unmanageable access to your data within SaaS applications. This isn’t news to cybersecurity professionals, but it’s not a problem they’ve been equipped to solve for. 

It was particularly enlightening to talk through the various threat models we see across different companies’ SaaS applications with the teams on the showroom floor, because it led to very in-depth conversations around topics of data breaches, insider threats, how to handle offboarding employees or vendors, etc. 

At DoControl, we’re abstracting the security from the SaaS: We give companies centralized control over data access across all SaaS apps in their tech stacks, including continuous monitoring and automated remediation capabilities to get your SaaS data access under control.

We’re interested in all threat models that put data stored in SaaS apps at risk, so each conversation we had was relevant and critical. But what resonated with me on a deep level was the acute interest in automated security workflows and witnessing security team members learn that it is absolutely possible to institute greater granularity and automation in their data access policies to minimize the risk of data exposure -- all without hindering business enablement, being an organization-wide bottleneck or creating more work for their teams.

On a lighter note, it was cool to see that the t-shirt concept we ideated was definitely one of the hottest swag items at Black Hat 2021. 

Unofficial Best T-Shirt of Blackhat 2021

I had lofty aspirations for our first major exhibition, and I knew we’d leave Black Hat 2021 on a satisfied, victorious note, but I didn’t expect to leave so emotionally and personally fulfilled. I can’t wait to do it all again in 2022, and when that day arrives, stop by when you see the DoControl team (and our superlative swag tees) at RSAC 2022.

If you didn’t get to hook up with us at the show, reach out! Let’s start the conversation and see how we can efficiently, sustainably secure your unmanaged SaaS data access.

Adam Gavish is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of DoControl. Adam brings 15  years of experience in product management, software engineering, and network security. Prior to founding DoControl, Adam was a Product Manager at Google Cloud, where he led ideation, execution, and strategy of Security & Privacy products serving Fortune 500 customers. Before Google, Adam was a Senior Technical Product Manager at Amazon, where he launched customer-obsessed products improving the payment experience for 300M customers globally. Before Amazon, Adam was a Software Engineer in two successfully acquired startups, eXelate for $200M and Skyfence for $60M.

Adam is a lifetime information geek, breaking down business and technical problems into components to generate long-term learning. He loves running outdoors, playing with LEGOs with his son, and watching a good movie with his wife.

Adam holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the Academic College of Tel-Aviv Yafo and an MBA from the Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University.

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