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Employee Spotlight: Senior Product Manager, Orr Semmel

Top 3 reasons you joined DoControl

A team of A-players

The first thing that drew me to DoControl was the amazing set of people who I knew were working there. I was introduced to DoControl by Ofer, one of our senior developers. I know Ofer very well and I have tremendous appreciation for him and his work. I also had the opportunity to meet Liel, our CTO, a few months prior to joining and I immediately thought that this is the type of person I want to work with. Lastly, while I didn’t know Adam, our CEO, many of my most trusted friends and colleagues did, and there was no room for mistake in the impression he made on them. For me, it was clear that such a team is set to build great things.

The problem we solve

What I love most about DoControl is that the problem we solve is everywhere. Collaboration tools have made our lives so much easier. Knowledge sharing and collaboration are drastically improved, and so is our productivity at work. However, the flip side is that they have also exposed organizations to a new set of challenges and risks which the very same set of tools that created them aren’t built to solve, certainly not in a scalable manner. The challenge we have here is unique since our goal is to safeguard the organization from any security breach, while allowing employees to be efficient in their work and share the information they need to. Personally, I find this to be an extremely challenging yet satisfying problem to solve.

The stage we’re at

DoControl is at an amazing stage. We have a product that already delivers tremendous value and we have exciting customers to work with. However, our feeling is that we only scratched the surface of its potential and there’s so much more that we can do to make it even better for our customers. Now is the time to take everything we learned so far and take it to the next level and shape the future of the product. Looking at it from a product manager’s perspective, very few things can top that.

What's the most important thing you've accomplished so far at DoControl?

For me, the ability to talk to our users and understand their current pains and struggles, and then being able to design a solution that will make their life at work better is the greatest achievement. 


What's the work life like at the DoControl Tel Aviv offices?

The team was one of the primary reasons for me joining DoControl so it will come as no surprise that I believe we have some of the best people I ever met working in DoControl. What I find to be pretty unique here, is that there’s a nice balance between working hard and setting aggressive goals on the one hand, but keeping the atmosphere lighthearted on the other hand.

Where do you see the product going in the next 3 years?

I see ourselves as the enablers of safe and secure usage of SaaS applications. Organizations who use DoControl will enjoy the benefits of modern SaaS technology, while having the peace of mind that knowing their data is secured.

Or is a product manager here at DoControl. He is a seasoned product leader with a solid experience in working with complex technological products. He loves analyzing data, and building products that harness it to solve real-life problems. 

Prior to joining DoControl Or was the Co-Founder at IntroSpec, a startup that helps organizations to become ever more agile and deliver value to their customers by minimizing change-related risks and outage. In addition he has worked at several other startups as a product leader such as Loom Systems (acquired by ServiceNow), Leadspace, and Voyager Analytics.

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