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Employee Spotlight: Senior Software Engineer Avner Schwartz

1. Give us the top 3 reasons you decided to join DoControl?

The product solves the right problem

Over the last few years, I was offered to join a number of early stage startups. While the teams were always technologically savvy, I felt all of them were lacking one of the following:

  • A clear problem
  • A big enough market
  • A feasible solution

When Adam (Co Founder and CEO of DoControl) first shared with me what DoControl is all about, it instantly ticked all the boxes. I started to spot everyday examples where me and my colleagues were being “part of the problem.”  I was surprised to learn how lacking the existing tools are, in terms of visibility and remediation. I was even more surprised to see what kind of sensitive assets were left exposed. 

 Realizing that nowadays companies use dozens or hundreds of SaaS applications daily, it was clear that unmanaged data access in SaaS apps is a major problem for organizations of different sizes, shapes and industries.

The Technology

Liel, our CTO, is an avid advocate for serverless architecture and cloud managed services. When we first discussed the architecture principles for the DoControl system, I was blown away and excited to join.  Our production system today uses many AWS services: Step Functions and Lambda as the main compute units, EventBridge and SQS for messaging and queuing, Kinesis for streaming, S3 for storage, DynamoDB, Aurora RDS and Redshift for various DB needs, IAM for identity management and RBAC and many many more.

Though having its learning curve and overhead, our decision to go serverless-first enables us to move fast and build a robust and scalable system while mainly focusing on our business domain.


Prior to joining DoControl, I was working for one of Israel’s fastest growing unicorns. During my years over there, I was fortunate to build successful products and lead strong R&D teams, however by the time I joined most of the company’s foundations were already laid out. Joining a company in its early stages, where everything that you do has a  significant impact on both the R&D and business, is a truly empowering and rewarding experience.


2. What's the most important thing you've accomplished at DoControl?

For me, the most rewarding moments are when our customers first see our overview report of their SaaS assets. This is the “You’ve got my attention” moment, which is followed by “OK, how do I solve this?.”


3. What is the work environment like at DoControl Tel Aviv?

It’s awesome! I’m kinda biased, but we have some truly hilarious, smart and creative people onboard.


4. Where do you see the product going in the next 3 years?

Our mission is to allow our customers to balance SaaS security with business enablement. We will keep listening to our customers and provide more sophisticated technology to deliver on our mission.

Avner is the Head of Engineering at DoControl. He has initiated and scaled successful big data Saas products, while leading engineering teams. He enjoys what I do the most when I collaborate with smart and creative people. 

Prior to joining DoControl, Avner was the R&D team lead at Appsflyer where he led a team of up to 13 engineers (Data, BE, FE) in charge of creating and serving all of AppsFlyer's aggregated attribution data products. 

In addition he Initiated, scaled and managed the development (ETLs, data ingestion, API, dashboard) of the company’s next gen cohort product, including hands-on coding. Avner holds a bachelors of computer science from The Academic College of Tel Aviv.

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